Social media amplified identities and radicalized individuals in such an unprecedented manner, that we felt obliged to offer an alternative design for the public sphere.

We pledge:

No harm

No user of our platform shall be harmed. Consensual one-on-one contact only.

Free Speech within legal boundaries

Everyone may speak freely to the public, no matter if others may react with hurt feelings. Threats to do harm to individuals and/or groups will be reported, checked, hidden and brought to court.

No amplification

You can form groups of seven, not more. You are annonymous. Only you can valuate your dialogues.


People using Polarizer can rate the mutual polarization level of one-on-one chats. Their opinions and ratings are visualized as a network graph. The graph is clustered by the peoples mutual polarization ratings.

The dots are individuals' opinions

Green lines represent a dialogue that both participants liked.
-> This makes dots move closer together.

Red lines represent a dialogue that neither participant liked.
-> This makes dots move further apart.

Clusters emerge.

polarizer app concept image

New dots start in the middle.

Dots that maintain communication with many different groups best move to the "Golden Ring".

Each minute in the Golden Ring earns the dot's owner NOH8 tokens.

NOH8 tokens

  • Allow you to participate in decisions about the future of
  • Can be spent on entertainment, unique items or pro accounts.
  • Can be sold on crypto exchanges.


Our prototype was our clay mold to derive the above concept. It allows you to choose topics, post your opinion and request, accept and rate 1-to-1 chats with other opinions. Your dialogue will be shown as a colored line in a network graph.



Our community is where you receive the latest project news and find people that share compassion for better online discussion. You are welcome to join!


POLARIZER is developed by Digital Peace Talks gUG (haftungsbeschränkt). The Berlin based nonprofit organisation was founded in 2018 by Iwan Ittermann. At that time, Iwan was happy to sell his participatory newsmagazine to the biggest German newspaper, but was deeply unhappy with the quality of online discussions.
The POLARIZER code is publicly available under the MIT license.

We are honored to have worked on the concept of POLARIZER with the following partners:

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